Friday, October 11, 2013

In my Kitchen : Pear Cake


Feels like falls this week. Temperatures are dropping, leaves are dropping,  daylight hours are really dropping. Mornings are really dark all of a sudden. The trees are all turning lovely colors and it's apple and pear time again. 
 Long before I ever got a goat named Nellie I knew a  lady named Nelly. Which I completely forgot  until I pulled out her recipe.  The human Nelly is an excellent baker and a veteran of the pot luck scene. This cake can be made apples or pears; in regular loaf pans or multiplied for an army. 

Nelly's Apple Cake

4 c. apple chunks
3 c. flour
2 c. sugar
2     eggs
3/4 c. veg. oil
1t.  baking powder
1t.  baking soda
1t   cinnamon
1t.  salt
1t.  vanilla

Bake at 325' for 90 mins
9 x 13 baking dish or 2 lined loaf pans

This is the easiest cake ever; just mix up the batter and then dump in the fruit. Let it cool to room temperature before removing from the pans - the cake is very tender and will fall apart if your not careful. So have patients.  Which is hard because the scent of spices and fruit will be wafting out of the cake.

For the pear version - you can just swap out the apples for pears, changing nothing else, and have the cake be wonderful. For a more fabulous Pear Cake I exchange the cinnamon for cardamon and the vanilla for almond extract. 

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