Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FO: Pirate Coat


Thing 1's pirate coat is done! It tried to melt my brain at several points but it's done and on it way south for Halloween. 

Since he's been obsessed with Jack Sparrow for years (the boy has a pirate ship/fort in the backyard) Thing 1 already has most of the other accessories. Hopefully light weight garments since this coat is heavy naugahyde and weighed a ton before I put the brass buttons on. The side and back pleats for maximum twirling added a lot of extra fabric. A nine year old boy probably wouldn't like to be thought of as a twirler. Maybe I should say the jacket has extra fullness at the hips for more dramatic billowing during sword fights. 

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  1. this looks like an absolute piece to hoard for the coming winter. i would like more details on how to get it as it looks like it cannot be made at home. by the way i love your blog


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