Friday, November 22, 2013

Death, Turkey, and other oddities


Nearly two weeks ago now my Grandfather died.  He'd been under hospice care for a failing heart for quit some time, in fact he set a new record for the longest lived patient in there history. So while his passing wasn't a shock (and very peaceful) it still came as a blow. Added to that was some mind blowing family drama.  Not that I ever thought death would bring out the best in anyone but this goes past WTF territory.  So my branch of the family is congregating for Thanksgiving in a show of solidarity against the crazy.

Which is no easy feat when you have a milking goat. After a week of teeth gnashing we have a house sitter to stay with the dog and the goats are heading back to their breeder for a week to play with their relatives. So I guess everyone is going to see their parents for Thanksgiving.

And now some random stuff from the web:

who doesn't love a puppy?

San Francisco rocks!!

It's all in the details

Using your noodle


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