Thursday, December 5, 2013

Back from the land of moss

Grandpa's house

dawn after the night's snow


We made it back home before the snow came. It was something of a shock to cross the Cascades and spend a week in the fog and moss. I think I have adjusted to life inland.  The coast with its gray skies and moss covered trees looks exotic.  It was a lovely week with the family; if a little odd to be in the Grandparents house with no Grandparents. The shear volume of my niece and nephew made up for (or a least covered) any quiet spaces.  

I think this year's pumpkin pie's were some of the best we've ever created. It was the same recipe from the old beat up Better Homes cookbook we always use so I can only guess the difference was starting with  Jarrahdale squash instead of pumpkin.  I've saved seeds from the giant  one we cooked so hopefully I'll have lots more next year. 

It's been snowing ever since I got home. I'm trying to use this forced indoor time to get into Christmas but it hasn't really taken root yet. I  have pj's for the kids to start but somehow I can't get in gear. I made a wreath with the holly I picked over on the coast but that's about it. I hoping a trip to the craft fair on Saturday with get me in the spirit.  

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  1. Glad to know that you have adjusted. Usually people don’t adjust at snowy areas. It makes them sick and they get motion sickness. It must be very refreshing over there. Start cherishing the beauty of nature.


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