Monday, November 4, 2013

In hindsight


It's just as well that my satellite Internet was misbehaving last week, since I spent a good portion of it freaking out about a brunch I hosted on Sunday. I generally don't have more than 4 people over at a time. But Mom wanted to have people over before it started snowing and our hermity neighbors dug in for the winter. So what started as a weekend brunch for 6 morphed into a party of 20. Yes 20; in an 1500 square foot house.  You see my problem.  I've watched too much Martha Stewart over the years to just make things really casual and simple.  To have more seating the dinning table moved into the living room to have room for it's full expansion and the couch was shifted into the kitchen. Which worked out very well.  A couch in the kitchen is less strange than it sounds. While waiting for a batch of cinnamon bread to bake one can recline without leaving the kitchen. Nice.

I drove myself crazy for about 3 days and then got down to dusting the entire house and washing windows.  I made too much food; half the guests didn't show up so the seating was much more roomy than anticipated. Everyone had a fun and the goats put a show while people were heading back to their cars.  
Now that all the party dishes are done and everything is put back I can enjoy having a spotless house. I really should have more parties, if only to force myself to dust. 

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  1. So good to read another wonderful post from you. I admire you passion of writing and the style in which you present your story is splendid and wonderful. Keep it up!


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