Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sticky note failure or why I can't find anything


My household records have fallen apart. That I was stuffing things into a small spiral note book may have had something to do with it.  I'm in the last stages of a head cold, the part where you don't feel terrible but not exactly great. Anyway I was writing in the propane tank level in my over stuffed note book when i dropped it. Five years worth of random information exploded from the little book. Scattering sticky notes all over the kitchen. So I've begun a re-organizing mission,. Thus the birth of a House Binder.  

Google came up with a billion web sites and printables for recording even the most minute details of ones life. I  have gone with  a much less detailed system.  My binder, which I found in the back of office closet, still had lined paper.  So I did a phone list, a birthday page,  the housesitter info I can never find when I need it,  A House section ,  a section for my menagerie, and the larder.

The house section has stuff like the running tally of the propane usage and the firewood guys info. It still being winter these are vital stats. 

The animal section is mostly full of goat stuff but also has a vaccine schedule for my dog.

The Larder section is where most of the post-it's came from. This has five years of fruit  picking info and  canning records.  So I know now that I picked 232 pounds of cherries when the cherry fiend was here in 2009.

I'm hoping this cuts down on the time I spend wandering around the house looking for stuff.  A rather tall order for a person who regularly finds screw drivers in the lettuce crisper. I should get points for trying for a more organized life though.

Links for templates : really more pages than anyone could possible need

Goat templates

Milk records -- The Prairie Homestead
Breeding records - from Eden Hill
Health record template -  Better Hens and Gardens

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