Monday, August 1, 2011

This week I'm loving....

So I've been seeing a 'this week I'm loving' post on lots of sites lately. And being a lemming I going to do one too. Not only because I feel the great need to inform the world about the random stuff that I obsess over, but also to force myself to take a moment to think.  I'm the sort of person that dwells on the more irritating side of life. I can remember an argument I had with my brother 15 years ago but not how fabulous the first raspberry of season was. Why is that? And why can't chemo-brain at least be useful for that.  So these will be semi-regular posts about something that made me go WaaHoo!

So this week I'm totally over the moon about this bench.

I've had the plans to make this thing for years. Literally years. It's the most basic bench ever.  And now it's finally built and at the end of the lower meadow path at the edge of the woods. 
 This is my view from my new bench.
 (complete with phantom dog butt)

Anyone else go Waa Hoo?

(this is your big chance to comment)

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