Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas mania

The count down to Christmas has begun and my shipping deadline is looming. After spending most of November adding to my Christmas and Crafty Things  pages on Pinterest I have no shortage of ideas. Now I'm down to the problem of staying focused.  I have half a dozen projects in progress and the house resembles an exploded crafts store. But instead of finishing things I keep starting new stuff.  I blame the internet and an abundance of silly hats and mustache merchandise.Thing 1 may live in a temperate climate but he's going to be ready for snow this year.

I just can't make myself do the final hemming on aprons when I could be making monster hats. I don't know what's in the air this year but there can be no plain beanies.

I finished two of these and they're really cute.

How can you not love Shark Mitts?

Incognito cowl

I don't know who's getting a mustache cowl but I'm making one. Clearly I've gone round the bend. Of course the longer I'm on the internet the more apparent it is that I have company.

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