Monday, December 16, 2013

Bah Humbug and other complaints


Ever since Thanksgiving I've had a major grump on. Humbug has set in and refuses to go.
I'm full of complaints and ill will.  I've been agreeing a little too much with Maxine.

I usually really like Christmas and making stuff but this year if you're over the age of ten you might just get a Christmas email. Which is lame.

Added to the grumps are the fact that I've lost the ability to walk in snow, I can't tell you how many times I've slipped and fallen and finding yourself flat on your back with snow melting down your collar while a goat looks down at you isn't  great. Although when the temp dropped down to -8 I had so many layers on  they acted as a pretty good cushion. the giant pom pom on my hat probably saved me from a concussion more than once.

Over the weekend I've discovered yet another food I'm allergic to. Apparently salmon is now on my hazmat list. I'd gotten used to shellfish being a problem but fish. Who's allergic to fish? So I'm starting the week off with hives.

By the way milking a goat while having one's face slathered in salve is an experience. Not only does the goat seem to like the taste, it means you stick to her side while milking.  Which leads to a face full of goat hair when your done. Really an attractive look to go with the swollen lips and bright red rash.

I'm thinking of just going to bed and staying there until next year.

For now I've more sewing to do on kid pjs. I'll need to wash them again when done to get out all the cortisone cream and bad vibes.

My Christmas pinboard - may it be more inspiring for you than it's been for me

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