Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Spirits


Nothing like a shot of vitamin B and a Hot Toddy to make one feel more in the holiday spirit. All kinds of spirits.  My Christmas tree is up and lit if not decorated.  And all the people I was going to ignore this year while feeling scroogie are back on the list and even have boxes in the mail.

I think finally having that damn salmon burn it's way completely out of my system has helped a lot. I really should just give up on any thought of normality and just give in to being senile and allergic to everything. I'll just be a nut living in my bubble, with goats.

By the way; don't put a plaid shirt on a white goat. They don't like it.  Nellie was fine while she had one on, but as soon as she saw her kids in plaid she completely freaked.  So goats like a flannel shirt but are particular about patterns.  I found this out when it was 10 degrees. I was operating under the principle that if I was cold they must be. Not true.  While they like a bucket of hot water in the morning, a coat is not really needed. I guess evolving in the Swiss mountains has some benefits.

Too many cookies to ever bake --  My Pinterest Cookie Board

Really cool labels and they're free

Really need these this year::  IOU knitted gift labels

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